2279 Brisi

A subtle design with a tangible focus on materiality personifies 2279 Brisi through its real wood veneer.


The large drawers offer plenty of storage space, the handle strips combine functionality and form. Clear lines provide serenity and calmness in the design. Impressively elegant is the elongated lowboard of the 2279 Brisi collection. A clever detail is the design of the drawers with their high top: the upward extended fronts make handles unnecessary.


The high-quality real wood veneer and the white surfaces are embodied in an exciting visual dialogue. Upon closer inspection, the precise workmanship and consistent quality assurance become even more obvious. Available with real wood veneer fronts in smoked or steamed oak. The sideboard of the 2279 Brisi collection offers plenty of storage space, combined with timeless elegance.


The highboard is mounted directly on the wall and offers elegance at


the highest level. The elongated lowboards are also available as a wall-mountable variation. Combined they enhance the light, levitating overall impression. Plenty of storage space is hidden behind the upward opening front, which can be equipped with glass shelves if required. 


Lowboards geräuchertes Eichenholzfurnier Möbelkollektion 2279 Brisi von Sellamatt

The upward extended front makes handles unnecessary.

Sideboards Möbelkollektion 2279 Brisi von Sellamatt Detail

The handle strips combine form and functionality.

Kabelführung Lowboard Möbelkollektion 2279 Brisi von Sellamatt

Openings for cable routing of entertainment systems.

Schublade Lowboards Möbelkollektion 2279 Brisi von Sellamatt

High-quality drawer runners from Blum.

Lowboards Eichenholzfurnier Möbelkollektion 2279 Brisi von Sellamatt

The entire body is made of Corian in a matt finish.

Lowboard Eichenholzfurnier aus der Möbelkollektion 2279 Brisi von Sellamatt

Design in every detail: Both cover plate as well as foot elements are made of 12 millimetre thick material

Colour variations / material

Lowboard aus geräuchertem Eichenholzfurnier aus der Möbelkollektion 2279 Brisi von Sellamatt
Oak smoked
Sideboard Front Möbelkollektion 2279 Brisi von Sellamatt
Oak steamed


The furniture line 2279 Brisi is characterised through its subtle features and a

noticeable focus on materiality. The fronts are made of expressive real wood veneer. The high-quality workmanship preserves the characteristic features of the oak. Adhesions, small cracks, shakes and knots ensure that the originality of the wood image is preserved.

In the smoked oak variant, delicate brown tones underline the liveliness of the wood. The varying proportion of tannins in natural wood allows this interaction of colours arise during the smoking process. The steamed oak variant accents the rustic elements and distinct colour nuances of the wood in a unique way.


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coll. 1350 Brisi


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