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Fraefel competence³

Fraefel AG is the Swiss leader in the production of high-quality bathroom furniture and furniture collections and a professional in the processing of sophisticated ceramic and quartz stone surfaces. Quality has a long tradition in our company. The design with international appeal gives our furniture timeless elegance.


With its roots in the Toggenburg region, our bathroom and home furniture collections inspire people all over the world. Our infrastructure offers room for development, innovation and inspiration. National and international distributors in wholesale, specialized trade and processors value our modern furniture collections and our individual solutions.


The established brands of Fraefel AG are Schweizerbad, Sellamatt, Finehard and Bagn'o.


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Precision and quality are the result of modern carpentry technology and unique craftsmanship.


Switzerland as a production location guarantees long-lasting quality, creativity, sophisticated design and image.


Every item is custom-made. Our furniture systems are optimised for planning and offer flexibility for tailor-made solutions. This also applies to the choice of colours.

Lighting expertise

The optimal illumination of a bathroom, adapted to the time of day, functional and appealing.