Familienfoto Maria Fraefel-Kempter mit ihren 4 Kindern
Erster Standort der Glaserei Alber Fraefel


Passion for furniture - in bathrooms, kitchens and homes: Fraefel AG manufactures furniture concepts with its brands Schweizerbad, Sellamatt, bagn'o and Finehard from a wide variety of materials and with high design standards.


The family business with well over 100 years of tradition and genuine Swiss production stands for everything that makes Switzerland and Swissness what it is.

Erster Standort der Glaserei Alber Fraefel
Albert Fraefel


Foundation of the glaziery Albert Fraefel in St.Gallen at Konkordiastrasse 12. Prior to that, Albert and his brother Robert had already worked together and ran a small glazier's workshop.
3-4 employees


Purchase of the property Konkordiastrasse 11.


Separation of the brothers. Albert Fraefel becomes sole owner of the property at Konkordiastrasse 11 and the glazier‘s workshop.
Expansion to 12 employees


Major order: Counter hall main railway station St.Gallen. The company Albert Fraefel can produce the large windows for the counter hall, which requires special technical knowledge.

Maria Fraefel-Kempter
Heinrich Kempter


After the early death of her husband, Maria Fraefel-Kempter manages the company with the support of her brother Heinrich Kempter under the company name "Albert Fraefel's widow joinery and glaziery". At the same time
she raises four children. Together they were able ensure the continued existence of the business.

Albert Fraefel Junior


Albert Fraefel enters his mother's company after he completed an apprenticeship as a glazier in Zurich. He is designated as the plant manager.


Albert Fraefel-Fritsch takes over the business. During the war years the company transforms and increasingly carries out carpenter and interior finishing work.
12-14 employees

Erna Fraefel-Fritsch


Erna Fraefel-Fritsch is strongly involved in the firm, both during the war years while her husband Albert is in the military, as well as after he has a serious car accident in 1952, from which he remains marked with health problems. Together they overcome this difficult time.

Peter Fraefel


Peter Fraefel joins the company. He completes his apprenticeship as a carpenter in the parental business and gains comprehensive training ranging from craftsman to work planner up to a qualified master carpenter in 1966. The renovation of the St.Gallen cathedral also happened during this period of time.

Aussenansicht Kathedrale St.Gallen
Detailansicht Restaurierung Holzwerk Kathedrale St.Gallen


A prestige mandate of a special kind: the renovation of the cathedral St.Gallen. Over a period of four years the Fraefel company was allowed to carry out the restoration of the woodwork. One of the most beautiful and interesting orders. Later, the cathedral was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Peter und Ursula Fraefel in den Büroräumlichkeiten


Peter Fraefel takes over the company in the 3rd generation and leads
the company from a handcraft to an industrial production. His wife Ursula Fraefel-Huber has also been working in the company for several years and is responsible for administration and accounting. Together they have three sons: Markus, Urs and Beat.

Neuer Standort der Fraefel AG
Innenansicht der Produktionshalle an der Sternackerstrasse


The company relocated to Sternackerstrasse 10a in St.Gallen. The focus now lies on customer work, interior design as well as restaurant and shop construction. Thanks to the new efficient facilities it becomes possible to carry out custom-made or series production as well as large interior fittings
15 employees

Altes Logo Sanitas


Start of bathroom furniture production for the company Sanitas AG, one of the largest sanitary wholesalers in Switzerland.

Markus Fraefel


Markus Fraefel joins the company. He is a trained cabinetmaker and gained years of experience in various Swiss companies, as well as in the USA and Finland. From the very beginning, he was involved in the bathroom furniture production and attained additional knowledge for serial production in one of the largest furniture factories in Finland.
The Fraefel company becomes an authorized Corian® processor. The novel
material from DuPont® is mainly used in the bathroom area, for
kitchen surfaces as well as interior fittings.
Up to 30 employees

Aussenansicht der Fraefel AG Standort Berg
Produktion von Badmöbeln bei Fraefel AG


Foundation of Fraefel AG. The move to a new location in Berg St.Gallen
for the production of bathroom furniture. Due to the expansion of the company, it is necessary to establish a new corporate structure. The result is a pure Family AG, which it still is today.

Aussenansicht der Fraefel AG am Standort Lütisburg


Expansion and relocation to Lütisburg Station. With expanded and optimized production facilities we now manufacture bathroom furniture. The first pre-wall furniture under the name Variella Compact leaves the production hall.

Messestand der Firma Schweizerbad
Familie mit Badmöbeln der Fraefel AG


Foundation of Schweizerbad GmbH in Germany. This enables the company to expand its customer base and establish important contacts with German industry and trade. Fraefel is developing more and more from a production to a service company.


Company’s anniversary: 100 years Fraefel family business . This milestone is celebrated together with the employees and various public organizations. Also, during this year the product range is extended with the processing of quartz stone surfaces.
65 employees

Fotomodell auf einer Finehard Arbeitsplatte


Introduction of the Finehard brand which stands for high-quality surface solutions in bathrooms, kitchen and living quarters made of ceramic and quartz stone.

Cover Möbelkatalog Sellamatt


Introduction of the Sellamatt brand which stands for exceptional furniture collections with high design standards.


Start of sales activities in Russia, where our bathroom furniture appeal to a sophisticated clientele.


Introduction of the Swiss bathroom furniture line bagn'o. Swiss bathroom furniture culture. Produced in Toggenburg Bagn'o inspires all who appreciate a modest elegance.

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