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Fraefel AG is the Swiss leader in the production of high-quality bathroom furniture and furniture collections. With over 100 years of experience, our family business has successfully affirmed and established its position in the market. Our expertise is correspondingly broad in the areas of development, design, production and technology.


Timeless, authentic design with international appeal makes our furniture a valuable investment. Renowned architects and designers as Iria Degen, Thomas Küchler, Peter Wirz, Michaela Weisskirchner and Stephan Hürlemann create for us. Our design expertise.


We work on innovations, know the technical possibilities and develop furniture solutions that inspire. This applies to bathrooms, kitchen countertops as well as special furniture solutions. Our development competence.


With our 3D online configurator one can plan furniture exactly tailored to ones needs, including a simultaneous plausibility check. Our modern lighting and mirror concepts create an extraordinary ambience in a room. Our technological expertise. 


3D configurator for planning professionals

The 3D configurator is an instrument that fully exploits the potential in the planning of bathroom furniture solutions and provides planning security. It shows all possibilities, optimises processes, avoids errors and creates satisfied customers.

Lighting competence - a bathroom filled with light

We are pioneers in the bath lighting sector. We recognised early, that special solutions were needed to illuminate a bathroom in a pleasant and functional way. This ranges from useful light for hairdressing and hair styling, indirect light for the ambience up to light that adapts dynamically to the human biorhythm.


Passionately lived furniture culture, efficiently produced with high quality standards, high operational reliability, a high level of experience and craftsmanship. Our production competence.

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